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What is Hand Surgery?
Practice Mission and Philosophy

High patient satisfaction is achieved by providing excellence in orthopedic care to every patient at every encounter. This is our professional standard.

Patients hold the ultimate right and responsibility of making their own medical decisions. The role of the physician is to evaluate each patient to arrive at the most accurate diagnosis with the information available, then to educate the patient regarding the condition and the available options for further diagnostic study or treatment. Medical decisions are made by the patient with the advice and opinion of the physician.

A patient of our practice will never be told or coerced to pursue any one treatment plan. For most conditions, multiple treatment options exist, although one is generally better than others. Dr. Greer believes in explaining all reasonable options with the relative merits, shortcomings, risks, and benefits of each. Outcome probabilities derived from evidence-based research are explained when appropriate. A patient can then make an educated decision regarding further care, which will be implemented with the assistance of the physician.

By doing what is best for each patient through this approach, we strive to achieve the inseparable goals of high patient satisfaction and the future success of our practice.


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