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What is Hand Surgery?
About Our Practice

Dr. Greer and his staff see patients at the Ferrell-Duncan Clinic Bone and Joint Center in Springfield, Missouri. The hand clinic facility opened in 2008. It is state-of-the-art for hand surgery office practice, featuring dedicated hand examination rooms, minor procedure and casting rooms, a fluoroscopy suite, and a team of certified hand therapists at the adjacent Meyer Rehabilitation Center. All medical records and imaging are electronic, including a digital PACS X-ray suite within the clinic.

The clinic practice consists primarily of evaluation, counseling, and non-surgical treatments such as injections, casting, and splinting. Small procedures are often performed in the office as well, including minor laceration repair, removal of small masses or buried surgical pins, and closed fracture reduction. In general, procedures performed in the office are limited to those requiring only local anesthesia and limited skin incisions.

We place a high value on our patients' time, and make every effort to stay on schedule and minimize patient waiting time. Unfortunately, several variables can and do affect the efficiency of the office schedule. For example, the doctor is frequently on-call for hand injuries that present to the hospital emergency department, which can cause unexpected and unavoidable interruptions in office activities. Also, some patients have problems that require more extensive evaluation and counseling. Dr. Greer's philosophy includes spending as much time as necessary with each patient to ensure that the proper diagnosis and recommendations are determined.

Dr. Greer performs most surgeries at the Meyer Orthopedic Center (MOC) at Cox Walnut Lawn, adjacent to the Bone and Joint Center. The MOC is ideally arranged for outpatient hand surgery, as it has convenient parking, a compact layout, dedicated operating room personnel, and efficient operations. Some surgeries are performed at Cox South Hospital as well. Typically, procedures at Cox South are cases involving acute trauma or significantly ill patients.

For the convenience of patients in the Barry and Lawrence County area, office visits are also available at the Monett Orthopedic Clinic in Monett, Missouri, multiple times per month. Dr. Greer performs surgery at Cox Monett Hospital when it is convenient for local patients.





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